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From conventions to company conferences, The Airplane Guy puts on an aerial circus that guarantees to wow the crowd. Launching a product? Airplanes can carry your message to an audience in memorable fashion. The Airplane Guy can help you craft an event that is unique, fun, and attention grabbing. From the very first throw, paper airplanes are engaging and entertaining.

A single toss can send a plane screaming across the room at high speed, or gently gliding to a soft landing. They spin, tumble, loop, circle back, flap their wings, flip over and fly back upside down. Some are just for fun, and some designs can fly for a half hour or more.

Weaving your corporate message into the stories of how the planes get invented, ties your company to a winner. Illustrating your corporate philosophy and creative process is easy with the Airplane Guy. Your logo and tag line can be printed on every airplane. Your ideas literally take flight, enhancing your position as an innovator and creative problem solver.

Learning the secrets of aerobatic maneuvers is just plain fun. Use airplanes for team building. Create a contest for a convention booth. Or, just bring in the Airplane Guy to make an annual meeting really take off.
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